Kamagra Oral Jelly 100mg Review by Peter Skellington

Last night I had the house to myself so thought I’d review how/if this generic viagra works…

For a Kiwi flavoured jelly the taste wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be so I didnt need a drink to wash it down thankfully.

I wasn’t really expecting it to do anything so I was amazed how quickly it worked, probably 15-20 mins on an empty stomach – started to noticed colours differently, greens and purples and light shifting differently, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t hallucinagenic but it was noticable that somthing was stirring.

Having had a wank about half an hour before taking the Kamagra test, i didnt think it would have much affect but after hearing the audio from a few videos i was uploading I started to think about sex more and more so i knew it was time to enjoy myself.

Five minutes later my Stonk On was pretty damn impressive, with no sign of it going away i cracked on and cracked off, it felt great and i lasted for a good 20-30 mins, having to really force myself to come in the end. After a thoroughly satisfying wank I was still rock hard, there was a definite increase in ridgidity and I struggled to trap the old boy down.

An hour later the urge was slowly building again, so i collected a few more videos from free amateur video and took myself off for another treat…

My hornyness then subsided slowly as did my Stonk On, dissolving my fear that I would need to hide in my room should any visitors knock on the door!

No side-effects at all and a total of 3-4 hours effect as expected, which is ideal. I’ll definitely keep some of these near the bedside table incase I need to improve my performance and impress the ladies!

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